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Organizations and service providers

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April 1, 2022

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MCS offers DEI and individualized innovation-focused strategic planning for caregivers, health care practitioners and organizations to enhance quality, culturally competent service delivery and DEI efforts.

MCS is here to support you and or your organization:
  • Foster understanding and belonging for all clients, patients and residents;
  • Promote compassion, empathy and respect for care recipients and their families;
  • Encourage consideration and cooperation among diverse front-line care providers (including regulated and unregulated) and,
  • Create and maintain a positive, healthy environment for every individual, improving recruitment and retention efforts.
  • Create a more vibrant care community that promotes inclusion and celebrates diversity.
MCS’s innovative approach cultivates DEI in all health care and organizational settings. Our impactful solutions are backed by years of experience and expertise, and informed by personal lived experiences –leading to positive outcomes for a supported workforce that is better able to provide effective frontline care and services.